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Hack License Exam Day (TLC TEST DAY)

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In this chapter I will tell you about the exam day for the hack license, not only about, but I will post the questions (not a sample one - real questions) that I got on a test, so I hope you will find this chapter really helpful (of course if you want to apply for cab license).

You will have a test in a same location where you decided to take a classes, in my situation LaGuardia College.
 22nd of March, the day of exam. I was waiting this day for a month now.  Test needs to begin at 9 AM, but we have been told to come earlier to sign up our names. We came 7 AM, there were 5 people on a line. I opened my notebook and atlas to review all information that I thought would be helpful on a test day. They opened office at 8 AM, and at 8:20 they started to let people to come inside and sign their names. 9 AM: There is around 80 people waiting in front of the examination class, doors a still close. Thanks God they let us in at 9:30 AM.

Once you are inside listen carefully the adviser, he/she will tell you what to do, don't act stupid and like a kid - don't touch papers or your cell phone until someone authorized tell you to do that way, otherwise you can be disqualified from the exam. 

Test contains 2 chapters - 1st one is English Proficient Test -  contains 3 parts  (10 questions - 5 questions - 10 questions - 5 questions) you need to make 21 correct to pass it. Mostly it's audio test, so make sure that you understand and can write English.  In this chapter of test - time is controlled by questions, so you can't go back to listen it one more time.

After 1st part they will give you 5 minute break. Go to the restroom, drink water and don't be late to come back.

2nd Chapter of Test: Now you will have 50 questions, 10 of the questions are Open Book (you can use your Atlas, if you want to use magnified glass you CAN!). Each question scores as 2 point which is come in total as a 100, you need to make minimum 70 pass this chapter of the test. In this chapter of the test I will advice you to use your time wisely, don't be stuck on a hard questions, finish first with the ones that you think is easy - thank come back to the hard ones.

As I told you upper, it's time to give you questions that I got on my TLC test, there is not all 50 questions - it's the questions that I remembered and I think I made them right, and also there is some questions that I'm not sure that I made it right or no, so check them out and prepare yourself for the Hack License Test!

Chapter 7: New York City Hack License Test

1. Plaza Athenee is located at:
a) 59 & 5th avenue
b) 42nd street between Lexington and Park Avenue
c) 64th street between Madison and Park Avenue
d) 31st street between 7th and 6th avenue

2. What is the southbound street at Inwood Hill Park
a) Dyckman street
b) Payson Avenue
c) Seaman Avenue
d)Arden Street

3.What is the East end of Maiden Lane:
a) Water Street
b) South Street
c) Pearl Street
d) Gold Street

4. In which Neighborhood at Queens Metropolitan Avenue and Continental Avenue intersects:
a) Rego Park
b) Astoria
c) Forest Hills
d) Kew Gardens

5. Stillwel Avenue in Brooklyn ends at:
a) Coney Island
b) Sheepshead Bay
c) Brighton Beach
d) Gravesend

6. Diamond district is at:
a) 47th and 6th avenue
b) 46th and 5th avenue
c) 47th and 7th avenue
d) 49th and Madison Avenue

7. Central Park is between:
a) 8th avenue and Central Park South
b) Central Park West and 5th Avenue
c) Broadway and 7th Avenue
d) Central Park north and 5th Avenue

8. Queens Midtown Tunnel in Queens exits:
a) Northern Boulevard
b) Long Island Expressway
c) BQE
d) Van Vyck Expressway

9. When can you refuse the ride?
a)  When the person is disabled
b) When smoking and not stopping after request
c) When you feel so
d) When customer don't speak English

10. What is on 71st and 5th Avenue
a) Children Zoo
b) Frick Collection and Museum
d) Metropolitan Museum

Answers: c, a, c, a, a, b, b, b,

Most of my questions was about TLC rules and Streets. So make sure that you know where is for example Little Italy from TimesSquare (South East). And several questions were about bridges entrances and exits. Not street and landmark questions about Bronx. Neighborhood question about Queens and Brooklyn. There was one Hospital Question (Which of the hospital is not in Manhattan). 
3-4 questions about Downtown , so make sure that you know streets there - I know streets are shitty down there, but hey you gotta know them. (That's where I made my mistakes I guess.)

Chapter 8: My Score!

You will get you score answers after 5 days, personally if you come to your school. But there is a trick, you can call TLC and ask them to check you hack license status, and they will tell you if pass also.

On a first chapter of a test I made 2 mistakes only, so 28 Correct! (Not Bad Ha?)

On a second chapter of test I made 8 mistakes only, so 42 Correct - which comes to 84 Points! (Terrific)

So my advice guys: Prepare, learn, read, open Atlas and scroll all boroughs! Don't be lazy! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

P.S: They Told me, that after 2-4 weeks I will get my new york yellow cab license on a mail, let's wait ;)


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  3. hey how long now you took the test and which school you attend?

  4. I went to LaGuardia College. Test took about 2 hour.

  5. thanks for the article, i am gonna be taking the 3 day class at HANAC. let's hope i pass, i am just worried about the closed book geography test, as i am new to NY, so i know next to nothing lol

  6. How long does it take to get licence in mail after you pass the exam does any 1 know

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  7. Hey did you take the 24hr course or the 80hour one?

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  9. I had 24 course last week and taking my test tomorrow morning. Will let ya know with the results and will post some questions here as well.

  10. Just returned from the test, test was really easy, so far i know i made 1 mistake for sure. The results will be in 5 days.

  11. Ok here is what i got from the test: English test 100% (30 out of 30). main exam 94% (47 out of 50). So its good enough. If anyone have questions regarding the test or preparation please ask me here.

    1. Can u tell me some question they give it to u in the test please

  12. I was told that I would receive my license in the mail 75 days after the day i passed the test? Can anybody confirm this?

    1. i got my license in the mail 2 days after i received my test results though i was told it was supposed to come in 2 weeks )))

  13. Right now TLC has longer issuing period then before so 90 days is normal now

    1. wow that's crazy, i got mine a month ago without any delays


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